A Hi Fidelity Vinyl Experience

Our next event on December 28th will feature Maggot Brain, released in the July of the same year, it’s the peak of the Funkadelic experience. The songs jam harder, the way out stuff is way way out there. 

Eddie Hazel’s 10-minute guitar soliloquy on the title track is a spiraling model of the blues filtered through a psychedelic lens, and almost single-handedly places him in a realm with Hendrix, Jimmy Page, and Eric Clapton as one of the great classic rock guitarists. “Super Stupid” was the tale of a dumbass junkie set to a tune Black Sabbath would have been proud of; “Hit It And Quit It” is a funk anthem where keyboardist Worrell gets his licks in and the beat turns around a dozen times before we hit the chorus; “Can You Get to That” is honest-to-whoever pop that showed Funkadelic could be serious from time to time, especially when it came to social commentary, and “Wars of Armageddon” is a knock-out-drag-down fight to the death between the world’s best rhythm section and paranoid, psychedelic sound effects and crowd sounds.

Maggot Brain was an explosive record, bursting at the seams with exactly the kind of larger than life sound a band called Funkadelic should have made.

Its a psychedelic funk masterpiece  perfect for an Christmas party, so we hope to see lots of you there! Don’t forget to bring along some funky vinyl and, as usual, we’ll be raffling the album at the end of the night, your ticket is included in the entry fee! The album is supplied by our friends at Badlands.


Badlands  kindly supplies the albums for all events at cost price. Thanks guys!

Next Events

December 28th – Funkadelic – Maggot Brain

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February 22nd  – Can v Neu

March 28th – TBC

April 25th – Sun Ra Lanquidity

May 30th – TBC


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