Who We Are

We are two music lovers who have lived in Cheltenham for the many years.

Andy has been involved in music related work since the early nineties including managing acts, booking bands at the Axiom Centre and has been involved with the Midsummer Fiesta since 2010. His musical preferences include reggae, old school hip-hop, ska, drum and bass and world musics especially Fela Kuti

Will has previously worked for music retailers (Our Price!) and has a life long love of music and a growing appreciation for quality Hi-Fi and the difference it can make to music appreciation.  He now works with books.  His musical preferences include My Bloody Valentine, Boards of Canada, Frank Ocean, Max Richter and almost anything in between.  He does not intend to force his own muscial taste on anyone ever again.

What is AudioCollective?

Audio Collective is a not for profit society which aims to promote: 

  • a full appreciation of iconic recorded music both old and new.
  • a fun, sociable inclusive atmosphere in a public arena
  • audio quality offered by top-end hi-fi equipment.
  • audio recordings with a focus on vinyl with a nod to high quality streaming.
  • an actively involved and expanding membership

In a nutshell: a vinyl experience …. think book club but for music and you’re near the mark.

Each night at The Swan Shush Bar will work as follows:

  • 8.00 – Turn up, tune up (have a beer or two) and say hello.
  • 8.30 – Listen to one classic record (on vinyl, always on vinyl!) from start to finish.  This will be a fresh, clean, new, never played before, cut of vinyl and offered as a prize for one lucky attendee on the night. (Unless we cant find a new copy!) We’ll also feature video complementing the artist; live footage, official videos, ambient film or documentaries.
  • 9.00 – Beer / wine / whiskey break. A chance to play vinyl, brought by all the attendees on the night, and requests on TIDAL / QOBUZ which relate to the chosen artist or at least tie into the overall theme of the evening.
  • 10.50 – Random number generated raffle and / or occasional quiz!  Your entry fee covers the ticket to win the album of the month. As a group we vote on what themes and albums will feature in future music appreciation nights.
  • 11.00 – End /more beer / wine / whiskey…home to bed with a warm analogue glow 😉

We’ve put on one night of music a month since April 2017 and we’re still going strong! See the archive for details