Autumn Season tickets

We’re really looking forward to the AudioCollective autumn season which opens on Saturday 23rd September with Joy Division’s 1979 classic Unknown Pleasures at the Swan‘s Shush Bar.

New Ticket Offer

We’re now offering a season ticket for 4 autumn events including Joy Division, Velvet Underground, Portishead and the Pulp Fiction soundtrack  for just £10! (see dates below)

With this ticket you’ll also be able to buy guest tickets on the door for £3.

Season and £3 advance tickets are available online at Badlands…..!

The new door price will be £4 cash.


AudioCollective presents a vinyl experience featuring a full rendition of this April’s album on Nord Acoustics equipment, discussion, documentaries and a chance to bring along and play your own related vinyl and CDs. We’ll be giving away a fresh copy of the album in our free to enter raffle too!

This month’s album is Miles Davis’s Kind of Blue. We’ll be featuring lots of vintage footage of the jazz genius and hope to play a cross section of his myriad styles form Porgy and Bess to Bitches Brew.

Tickets for this one can be bought from Eventbrite or £3 in cash on the door.