Our aim at AudioCollective is to play our records through Hi-fi equipment which offers both affordability and great sound quality.

Hi-fi has made huge strides in recent years and the sound quality available to enthusiasts for less than 4 zero £s would not so long ago cost nearer 5 zero £s.

The other great thing about Hi-fi kit is, looked after, it will last for years.  Much of our kit has been bought from Ebay for prices well below new.

Our current set-up is as follows:

Speakers – Monitor Audio Silver 10’s

These are room filling beasts.  Dual 8 inch bass drivers ensure effortless control of the most challenging tracks.   The gold dome tweeter provides treble to spare.  They handle up to 250W of power and go as low as 30HZ.  They are not the last word in subtlety and KEF’s produce a better soundstage.  But for our Audio Collective nights they are pretty much perfect!

Pre Amplifier – Cyrus PreVS2

There are 3 stages of amplification needed to get from a record to  your ears; the phono stage, the pre-amp and the power amp.

Most of the time these days, you will find these three stages all in the same box, but that is way too easy for AudioCollective, so we go the three box route!

This Cyrus pre amp was well regarded in its day and adds some body and width to the signal it receives from the Alva Duo.


Widely regarded as the best DAC you can get for under £1,000. When we are not playing vinyl, we use this device as both DAC and pre amp direct into our Nord Acoustics Power Amp.

The British Audiophile recently gave this DAC a positive review – watch it here – https://youtu.be/mzYREbLR-8s

Turntable – Rega Planar 3  

Rega has pioneered the use of lightweight rigid plinths. Clever use of lightweight particulate core with a highly rigid phenolic resin skin became the foundations of the high level of performance achieved by the now iconic original Planar range.

Our iteration of the Planar 3 is a late 80s model featuring the legendary RB300 tonearm. Since acquisition we have upgradedhis turntable with a new ceramic bearing and a Fidelity Designs produced alloy based sub platter (http://www.fidelitydesignsltd.co.uk/subplatters/subplatters.html). These upgrades adding solidity, clarity and punch to the lower frequencies and adding a more natural dynamic to the overall sound.

Phono Stage – Cambridge Alva Duo

Cambridge are renowned for their good quality, competitively priced Hi-Fi kit.  The Alva duo is no exception to this tradition.  It provides detail, clarity and punch and is a good match for the Nagaoka MP110 cartridge we utilise on our RP3.

A Trusted Reviews write up can be found here – https://www.trustedreviews.com/reviews/cambridge-audio-duo

Power Amplifier – Nord One MP NC502 500W Stereo Power Amplifier

Nord Acoustics are a Cheltenham based company specialising in Class D amplification. This amplifier utilises a hypex 2 channel module to produce 250 watts of amplification per channel.  This power amp drives our demanding 4ohm MA speakers effortlessly, providing power to burn, and amazing grip of bass frequencies.

Find out more here – https://www.nordacoustics.co.uk/product-page/nord-one-mp-nc500-stereo-power-amp-in-silver