The next AC event on May 7th will follow the Cheltenham Jazz Festival to which the AC crew are making their annual pilgrimage… not far to go but well worth it!

In an attempt to reflect the tastes of all our followers, we’re doing some banging techno!

This month we’re following on from the Trainspotting theme and have chosen Underworld’s 1999 Beaucoup Fish which epitomises their signature sound of stream of consciousness lyrics, anthemic melodies and driving beats and rhythms.

Mojo opined “BEAUCOUP FISH proves that the real deal with electronic music is not that it is fast and crazy….but allows for perfect recall of sounds and moments….music like Underworld’s can have a texture as rich, emotive and individual as memory itself.” A perfect mix for audiophiles!

Beaucoup Fish was released after the successful single “Born Slippy .NUXX”; a single that began to define Underworld’s signature sound . Lead single “Push Upstairs”, with its energetic piano melody, exemplified this new sound.

The title  Beaucoup Fish (“beaucoup” being  French for “much”), was chosen on the basis that the tongue-in-cheek title would be incomprehensible to listeners outside of the United Kingdom (or inside – ed). The current title comes from a sampled voice used in “Jumbo”, of an American from the Southern United States using the regional pronunciation, “bookoo fish.”

“King of Snake” features a tape-edited guitar intro titled “Shudder”, leading into a lively house track, before fading into sampled dialogue about the blood sport of snake baiting. “Skym” is a minimal ballad, inspired by This Mortal Coil and featuring little more than a solo keyboard and light piano chords over Karl Hyde‘s vocals, while “Bruce Lee” has more akin to rock music than trance. Beaucoup Fish also features a downtempo re-imagining of “Push Upstairs”, playfully titled “Push Downstairs”; only the vocal track is kept between the two. “Moaner”, a song featured in the 1997 film Batman & Robin, is presented on Beaucoup Fish in its slightly edited soundtrack album version, previously available on an Underworld CD single.

“Push Upstairs” and second single “Jumbo” were both hits on the dance charts and in clubs. Beaucoup Fish was well-received critically (one review calling it “electronica’s The Dark Side of the Moon“) and remains Underworld’s most successful album, with over two million copies sold.

Our next offering on 18th June – the arguments haven’t started yet ;-).

See preview of the visuals on YouTube and our Facebook here !

What is AudioCollective?

Audio Collective is a not for profit society which aims to promote: 

  • a full appreciation of iconic recorded music both old and new.
  • a fun, sociable inclusive atmosphere in a public arena
  • audio quality offered by top-end hi-fi equipment.
  • audio recordings with a focus on vinyl with a nod to high quality streaming.
  • an actively involved and expanding membership

In a nutshell: an immersive vinyl experience ….

Each night at The Swan Shush Bar (at the back of the venue courtyard ) will work as follows:

  • 8.00 – Turn up, tune up, have a drink and say hello.
  • 8.30 – Listen to one classic record (on vinyl, always on vinyl!) from start to finish.  This will be a fresh, clean, new, never played before, cut of vinyl and offered as a prize for one lucky attendee on the night. (Unless we cant find a new copy!) Whilst the album is playing we’ll also feature official videos, ambient film or documentaries live footage.
  • 9.00 – Drinks break. A chance to play vinyl, brought by all the attendees on the night, and requests on Spotify/ Tidal / Qobuz which relate to the chosen artist or at least tie into the overall theme of the evening.
  • 10.50 – Random number generated raffle and / or occasional quiz!  Your entry fee covers the ticket to win the album of the month. As a group we vote on what themes and albums will feature in future music appreciation nights.
  • 11.00 – Home to bed with a warm analogue glow