Nord Acoustics

Nord Acoustics are pleased to support the HiFi AudioCollective evenings.  We will be providing a world class sound with Nord Amplifiers and IPL Acoustic Speakers both we build here in Cheltenham. The turntable comes from another small British company Analogue Works. We promise, (room acoustics permitting) SQ at levels normally reserved for multi thousand pound systems.

We offer all AudioCollective members a 10% discount from our web prices and would welcome you to come and demo our range here in Cheltenham.

Based in Cheltenham UK, we design and hand build World Class, Class D Amplifiers from £749 that are changing Audiophiles perceptions about Class D Amps. Taking the very best designs from around the world and integrating them into a finished product.

We are passionate about sound quality and offering exceptional value for money. We operate from a workshop on our premises with no rent and rates overhead. We do very little advertising letting our ecstatic customers and the sound quality speak for them self. Selling direct via our website with no dealer margins etc. We can spend money on performance components while still keeping cost low. We try and make it a personnel experience for those that wish. We answer e-mails very quickly and offer a very good level of customer back up, real customer support not just words.

We also offer Demo facilities by appointment located in Cheltenham. Looking forward to meeting you all, Colin!

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