The next AC event on June 18th (NOTE DATE CHANGE) will follow the Cheltenham Jazz Festival to which the AC crew are making their annual pilgrimage… not far to go but well worth it!

This month we’re following on from the Trainspotting theme and have chosen Underworld’s 1999 Beaucoup Fish which epitomises their signature sound of stream of consciousness lyrics, anthemic melodies and driving beats and rhythms.

Mojo opined “BEAUCOUP FISH proves that the real deal with electronic music is not that it is fast and crazy….but allows for perfect recall of sounds and moments….music like Underworld’s can have a texture as rich, emotive and individual as memory itself.” A perfect mix for audiophiles!

The late 90’s not being an era of vast vinyl output and the re-issue being hard to come by at less than £35, we’ve opted for a used copy from discogs The double vinyl is an original and in “Very Good” condition and will be raffled off in our notorious random number draw – we’ll be entering this one!

Underworld – Beaucoup Fish

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